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Felt For Architecture is a brand and a project which architect and artist Claudio Varone started in 2003.

The project stems from his ambition to conjugate art, craft and architecture.

Felt For Architecture has become a series of carpets and three-dimensional wall art objects in wool felt, to 'dress' spaces, walls and floors, to evoke, to protect and to tell a story.

Colors and shapes originate mainly from the contemplation of the Mediterranean landscapes.

The result is monumental. The work emanates the charm and power of the ancestral sceneries. All pieces are unique: they are made of wool, sometimes combined with cotton, silk and other natural fibers, and are hand made in the atelier in The Netherlands, using traditional techniques adapted to obtain abstract and minimalist three-dimensional shapes.

The works of Felt For Architecture are ethically and environmentally sound.


In 2006 the Dutch felt artist Anneke Copier, joined Claudio Varone and his Felt For Architecture project.

The intention of the art duo is to introduce the art of hand made felt within spaces, with all its tactile, visual and acoustic features, and with the overwhelming power, magic and sacredness of Nature.


Claudio Varone and Anneke Copier create also site-specific works to meet the customers wishes.

The works can be made in the form of panels, tapestry, upholstery, as a work of art for walls, floors or in the space. The pieces can be customized in any size and in a wide range of colors.





Claudio Varone is an architect and artist who has lived in The Netherlands since 2000, where he works as interior designer and textile artist.

Born in Bari in 1968, in Southern Italy, he graduated at the University of Architecture in Venice in 1996.

Moving to the Netherlands he has taken with him the tastes, scents and shapes of the Mediterranean, which he translates in his artistic production.

His work is centered on experimenting shapes and colors through the use of textiles.

Since 2003 through his research he has explored the potentials of hand made felt.

Since the beginning of 2006 he has started working together on Felt For Architecture with Dutch artist Anneke Copier.



Anneke Copier has been exploring her passion for felt for more than 30 years: in January 2000 she established her own studio.

She has developed her own innovative expression of the ancient Central Asian - especially Mongolian - technique of felt making, and designs unique clothing, fitting as a second skin.

She uses different kinds of wool from all over the world as the basis for the hand made felt.

The combination of wool and other natural materials such as silk, cotton, and flax give her creations a special warmth which makes them unique.

Since the beginning of 2006 she has worked at the project Felt For Architecture.

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